About Us

Peacock Risk Management provides expert help and regulatory compliance advice to the legal profession.


About What We Do

We provide practical help, sound advice and business solutions for your legal firm in a straightforward and uncomplicated way.  We help you to implement policies and procedures which provide the foundation for a compliant and efficient practice.

We work with your team to ensure that they understand what they need to do to help you to reach your goals in a way that is consistently effective.

Through years of experience, we know what works, what is cost effective and most importantly what your regulator, your professional indemnity insurer and the quality standard assessors are looking for you to achieve.

We believe that it benefits your practice to have someone who is working consistently with you, keeping abreast of new issues and working to best practice.

You and your team do have your part to play and particularly if you are the business owner, the COLP or the COFA; but you can save time and money by working with Peacock Risk Management.


Denise has worked in-house with legal firms in practice management, working alongside managers to meet the many challenges facing the legal profession.

Denise is an authorised Lexcel consultant, compliance consultant and practice management specialist.

She has assisted law firms to be compliant with regulation, improve efficiencies and profitability, save on costs, manage the team (including change management), and effectively work through and manage projects.